Meet Gumby

Meet "Gumby" aka Tim

Hi, I’m Tim, or as my friends call me Gumby. I do all the droning, trekking, climbing, eating, drinking, and traveling I can manage.

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Drone Voyager is my page to share all of my droning adventures here in Australia and from around the world.

I will also detail any tips and hacks I’ve learnt from my Trekking Adventures and lastly just general Travel Tips for you to save money and get more out of your adventures.

Gumby @ Half Dome

Gumby @ Half Dome

Any Questions?

Please ask anyone I love to stop and help complete strangers so I guess that goes for the inter-web as well ask anything you want whether it be Drone / Tech / Trekking related I will try my best to answer in detail.

Thank you for reading !! well i hope you made it this far.