How I Planned My Trip to Japan !

I’m a planner, much to the annoyance of my fiance, friends and family. The “go with the flow”doesn’t sit well with me, while I do like the odd adventure. This trip is not an adventure like previous trips were to India or Sumatra. This is a streamlined trip of as much of Japan I haven’t seen yet and some of my favourite parts to show Christel. Yes this will be my third trip to Japan, yes you read that right third time. So this time I made a list of things I wanted to do and visit, one main thing was finally climb Mt Fuji, to my dismay I will not be able to do this due to the weather in October and the fact the summer climbing season ends the 14th October the day we arrive, I overcame this so more will follow.


You may ask why I am trying to see so much of Japan in only 15 days, but for those of you who haven’t been to Japan, It is the most organised and time conscience place I have ever visited, like seriously where in the world do trains actually run on time. They do here !! It took a bit of convincing and explaining at how we would travel great distances in only a matter of hours with out flying. I explained to Christel that we will be using the Shinkansen or Bullet Trains to get around and that they go nearly 300km / hr.

So one of the first things I did was to make sure we purchased a Japan Rail Pass, this is a way that people on Tourist Visa can get around the whole of Japan. A rail pass allows us unlimited travel for a set time period 7, 14 or 21 days. We choose to get a 14 day pass and we will start using right from when we arrive at Narita International Airport. The rail pass can be used for free unlimited travel on nearly all of the JR – Japan Rail Services not Private companies. The standard pass allows some reserved but mostly unreserved seating on the shinkansen, however I wanted to travel in a bit of comfort this time so we purchased a Green Ticket this is more commonly called Business Class in Australia. The Green carriage of most trains must be reserved prior so this will guarantee us seats on our preferred trains and times we want to travel.



  1. Tokyo
  2. Yonago – Mt Daisen
  3. Osaka
  4. Kobe – Kobe Beef
  5. Kyoto
  6. Toyama – Kurobe Gorge
  7. Nagano – Alpine Mountain Pass
  8. Yamanouchi – Snow Monkeys and Onsen
  9. Tokyo

Some of you may ask where are these places, I haven’t heard about them, what is there to see and do, I will post a new update about each day and what we did and where we went, but the above is a list of places we are going to visit and in rough order, hopefully Christel will do a vlog about each place as well, I will include a link to her Youtube Channel.



You all will be able to keep track of our travels throughout Japan because we will have PocketWifi, provided by a new Japanese provider called eConnect. As the name implies, PocketWifi is a mini portable Wifi router that will enable me to check in all over Japan as well as allowing Christel to update everyone on Facebook and Instagram. This means we won’t have to be tethered to an internet cafe or free wifi hotspot. To make things even easier I grabbed a prepaid nano sim as prepaid phones for tourists are only starting to gain popularity in Japan. I did all my research and worked out Yokoso Sim – 31days – 4 GB of data to be best value only $45 AUD.

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