We’re going to Japan, well I’ve been here twice already but this is the first time with Christel. I’m going to post a few travel tips for what I have learnt about Japan below and a quick summary of the various places we will be visiting. I made this a trip a bit different then normal, since I wanted to include some of the amazing scenery and nature Japan has to offer. Most tourist don’t leave the main prefectures of Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka.


    So we will be travelling further south west than most to Tottori to a small rural town called Yonago. While in Yonago we will hike up Mt Daisen.  From there we will travel back to Osaka then Kyoto then north to Toyama to experience the Alpine Route and onto Nagano to see the snow monkeys. After Nagano we will travel back to Tokyo for 2 more days before heading home.